The Most Important Tech for Your Small Business to Incorporate

Technology for Small Businesses

Guest Post By Marcus Lansky

Technology is rapidly changing how the world does business, and to ignore that as a small business owner can come at a great cost. Yes, some of the tech out there is really expensive and may not prove worth the investment. However, some of it is affordable and can help your business operations so much that you may be wasting money by not using it. 

If you’re looking to give your small business a boost and realize your full potential, then check out these cost-effective tech solutions brought to you by PR ByIntention.

Powerful Internet Capabilities

As Entrepreneur explains, these days, day-to-day affairs are increasingly virtual, and that seems unlikely to change. The last thing you want is for your streaming sessions to lag when you’re in the midst of an important meeting; little is more undermining than having to ask an important client or associate to have to repeat information. Thankfully, 5G is now available in the Chicagoland area; shop around to see if you can subscribe.  

Digital Marketing

As mentioned above, everything is moving to the web. If you don’t have a robust digital marketing plan, you’re already behind the times. But between the shifting sands of the business climate and the ever-changing world of social media, you don’t have time to manage your outreach and grow your business, too. 

But there is hope! You should connect with an agency well-versed in creating unique, integrative campaigns that are effective and success-oriented. Ensure your messaging is unified, conveys your values, and promotes your brand in a manner that resonates positively with your target audience.

Data Recovery 

One unfortunate byproduct of technological development is cybercrime. And it’s rampant, particularly among small businesses. If you experience a database or hard drive crash, phishing attack, or another form of cyberattack that results in lost data, you should take steps to remedy the situation. 

You can attempt to recover your lost information with a software application, but it oftentimes requires the help of a professional. Connect with a computer forensics expert for your best chance of success. 

Cybersecurity Measures

Ideally, you won’t experience a cyberattack that jeopardizes the fate of your company. But the fact is, from 2017 to 2018, there was a 424 percent increase in small business breaches, and 60 percent of small business owners who encountered a cyberattack are out of business in six months. Needless to say, putting effective data security measures in place is critical, even though it often requires an investment upfront. 

The quickest and most effective way to do this is to run a risk assessment tool. If you find trouble, then consider hiring professionals to handle it; you can hire a freelance agency to ensure you’re well-protected. It may even be worth considering keeping them on retainer so you can rest assured knowing your business and customer data is secure. 

Many small business owners feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when addressing such an overarching and complex issue. However, IT professionals can provide invaluable help in this regard. A well-established security firm can put everything in place for you, such as helping you develop cybersecurity protocols and implementing software to protect data within your company’s on-site infrastructure, mobile apps, cloud applications, and endpoint devices. 

Remote Work

If you need to hire new workers, consider putting together a distributed team. This can save you loads of money on overhead, and it removes the restrictions that come with only hiring locally. 

There are many kinds of affordable tech tools to make this not only possible but cost-effective as well. For instance, you can find, interview, and hire qualified workers from around the globe by going through online job boards — many of which pre-vet candidates, which means they’re weeding out the duds so you don’t have to. 

You can use collaboration tools and project management tools to communicate with your team and get projects done effectively. You can even hold weekly or monthly virtual team meetings by incorporating video conference software. These days, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Technology plays an undeniable role in today’s business world, and it’s essential to embrace it if your business is going to thrive. If you invest in tech solutions like these, you will likely see a big payoff in no time. 

For more ideas and inspiration that will grow your business, connect with PR ByIntention!

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