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Our Approach ANPR

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Our Approach ANPR

Messaging that Resonates. Real Results. ByIntention®

At April Neill Public Relations, we’re especially proud of the results we get for our clients. Not only are we hyper focused on crafting messaging and campaigns that are compelling and resonate with target audiences; we’re also keenly aware of how important it is to give each and every client, and every project for that matter, our focused attention. That includes performing a thorough brand audit, identifying how all touch points and platforms are integrated and work with synergy, as well as understanding the business goals of our clients. Over the years, we’ve developed a proprietary system of accomplishing goals called PR ByIntention®.

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What is PR ByIntention®? Simply defined, ByIntention® means exactly what it says. Getting. Results. By. Intention!

What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Who are you trying to reach? What are your goals? Whether it’s targeting a journalist or media outlet for a pitch, building a strong brand identity, developing a marketing outreach campaign, writing a blog post that answers the burning questions your potential customers or asking, using the keywords that they are searching for, crafting a branded welcome series for email marketing, crafting a press release or pitch, running a Facebook Ad, developing a holiday campaign, garnering media attention and massive media impressions for your campaign, whatever you are working on, it’s important to carefully define your goals, who you plan to reach, and what you aim to accomplish.

With our proprietary method of knowing exactly who you want to reach and what you intend to do, including the marketing and PR results you intend to get, ByIntention®, the path to success clearly defined. Whatever communications tactics you employ, whether it’s PR, Marketing, Branding, Blogging, using the ByIntention® method can help you stay focused, be clear on your plan and tactics, while getting the results you desire.

“Only by carefully planning your goals, putting a strategy in place, employing thoughtful messaging and marketing tactics, and creating metrics to track, “by intention”, can you hope to achieve the results you want and the sales growth you need.”

April Neill, CEO April Neill PR

The ByIntention® method can be applied to all aspects of your marketing and PR efforts, including identifying your target market, crafting compelling messaging, developing integrated marketing tactics with specific calls to action, creating compelling landing pages, creating metrics for how you’ll measure results, in addition to being clear on the results you aim to achieve. If you apply intention to every step of the process, you can increase focus and improve results.

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