Small Business Philanthropy: 4 Ways Your Small Business Can Be Charitable—And What You Will Gain

 Posted By: April Neill, President April Neill Public Relations


I’m a big believer in giving back to your community by either donating your time or expertise to charities or organizations that you have an affinity for. As you may already know, volunteering has been shown to have a number of benefits –including boosting your health, longevity, and outlook, but did you know that it could also help your small business?

In a recent study by Ernst & Young and the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, 62% of small business owners say that giving back to their community has made their business more successful in the long run. Below are 4 ways to support local charities and the benefits you’ll gain:

1. Provide Your Expertise. As a small business owner, you can offer your knowledge and expertise to others by sitting on a nonprofit committee or by offering your services pro bono to a charity. By doing so, your charitable contribution will be your time, and not money out of your budget.

Benefit: For business owners just starting out, this can be the perfect way to develop new relationships while doing good work.

2. Host a fundraiser. People love to go to parties and events and hosting an event that requires a donation to a local charity as admission is a great way to align your business with charitable causes in your community.

Benefit: Hosting a fundraiser is the perfect opportunity to get media exposure for your event and to generate goodwill about the work your business is doing. Positive press is a also great way to build your reputation and increase your market exposure.

3. Volunteer and promote volunteerism. Volunteering your time to projects can make a huge impact in your community and getting your employees involved with organized volunteer days can be the perfect way to bring your company closer together.

Benefit: Giving back feels good and for most people, giving back makes them feel happy. Happy employees tend to be more productive and happy business owners, more successful.

4. Give a little bit to a lot. You don’t need to break the bank to make a cash donation to a charity. A great way to give back is to earmark a small percentage of your profits from each new client or project to a charity that you care about or better yet, a charity your client cares about.

Benefit: Clients are far more likely to do business with you if they know a portion of their fee is going to a good cause. You will also set yourself apart by being socially responsible.

At ANPR, we believe in giving back to our community and we are committed to working with clients that are socially responsible as well. If you’re a small business owner or executive who is looking to increase your social impact and global imprint, we’d love to help you tell your story!

Do you have a unique way of giving back to your community? Tell us about it!

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April Neill Public Relations Selected as PR Firm of Record for Gear For Goals

April Neill Public Relations, a full-service public relations consulting firm located in Plainfield, IL, announces the addition of Gear for Goals, a global non-profit youth organization providing sports equipment and hope for underprivileged children, to its roster of clients.

April Neill Public Relations (ANPR) today announced the addition of Gear for Goals to its growing roster of clients. Gear for Goals is a youth-centered humanitarian outreach that serves children in need with sports equipment and instruction. Since Gear for Goals’ launch the summer of 2012, over 2,000 children’s lives have been impacted with sports equipment and uniforms in Kenya and the Dominican Republic. Armed with a global vision to bring hope and possibility through the love of sports to children in need, Gear for Goals’ 2013 plans include continued support to kids in the Dominican Republic, a pilot trip to Russia to touch the lives of children in summer camps and orphanages, and a local outreach to kids in need in Chicago.

Dr. Warren Bruhl, Director of Dreamweaver International’s Gear for Goals project brings sports gear and hope to underprivileged children in Kenya.

“ANPR recognizes the importance of giving back and is passionate about helping non-profits gain social relevance and exposure for their cause,” says April A. Neill, President and Founder of April Neill Public Relations. “We’re thrilled to partner with Gear for Goals to increase visibility for their social impact initiatives and their global vision of impacting children’s lives.”

ANPR will support the organization’s brand building initiatives, programs, events and services, including an upcoming fund-raiser in June with the Schaumburg Boomers’ Baseball league with both traditional and new media publicity and marketing efforts.

“I have been incredibly thankful for the thoughtful wisdom, knowledge, and urgency April Neill applies to the art of media,” states Dr. Warren Bruhl, Director of Dreamweaver International’s Gear for Goals. “April has a comprehensive grasp on who makes news and how to get news for our organization. As a director for a rapidly growing charity, we rely on powerful leaders to help us create lasting impact on lives and April’s leadership and ability to share our message with media and gain access to a global audience has been tantamount to our success. We owe a great deal of thanks to April’s tireless work ethic and results.”

About April Neill Public Relations
April Neill Public Relations (ANPR) is a full-service PR consulting firm specializing in meeting the needs of today’s small businesses. Serving a variety of clients in the professional services, healthcare, nonprofit, and Christian marketplace, ANPR is passionate about helping small businesses and nonprofits build their brand awareness and tell their brand story. For more information, call 815.651.0656 or visit Follow ANPR on Facebook at

About Gear for Goals (G4G)
Gear for Goals, a partner program of Dreamweaver International, is a successful youth-oriented project that serves underprivileged children with sports equipment and instruction. Gear for Goals’ Vision is to see every child in the world have the opportunity to play, compete, and enjoy sport through equal access to necessary equipment and instruction. Hope and possibility, flourishing community, transformed economies, inspired health, and lasting impact are the global imprint of their service. Gear for Goals’ Mission is to provide every child enjoyment, passion, and love of sport.

About Dreamweaver International
Dreamweaver International is a 501c(3) organization located in the United States that provides education, healthcare, and humanitarian aid to the people of the Rift Valley of Kenya. With the addition of partner program, Gear for Goals, Dreamweaver International’s scope and outreach of humanitarian care continues to grow globally. For more information, visit