Simple tips for improving your online newsroom.

With the growth of brand journalism and social media, there has never been a better time to build awareness and attract and build interest in your business and your work amongst journalists. A great way to do that is with the online newsroom that can act as a media hub for all your stories, videos, images,Continue reading “Simple tips for improving your online newsroom.”

15 Tips for Garnering Media Coverage for Your Business

Getting featured in the news is a great way to boost credibility, traffic, and sales and also a great way to build trust. Family Features recently shared their 15 top tips to help you create content that is desirable to editors: Plan ahead. Some of our best placements have 60 – 90 day deadlines. The earlyContinue reading “15 Tips for Garnering Media Coverage for Your Business”

Gain Trust and Attract Business with Education-Based Marketing

There is a common misconception amongst small businesses that your marketing’s most important function is to promote your products and services to prospects ready to buy. In fact, the most important function of your marketing strategy should be to establish that you’re an expert in your industry, that you have knowledge to share, and thatContinue reading “Gain Trust and Attract Business with Education-Based Marketing”

Showing Appreciation is Good for Business

Watching the Academy Awards last night, I was struck with the awesomeness of the acceptance speeches and the genuine gratitude the winners expressed. Winning an Oscar can be a huge boost to an Actors’ personal brand and earning potential, for sure, and on this night they are at the height of their fame. Hearing themContinue reading “Showing Appreciation is Good for Business”

Tips for Leveraging Content Marketing for Success

With today’s constantly evolving digital landscape, you need to be ever ready to adapt your marketing strategy in order to stay competitive within your industry. PR experts have always known this and one of the most widely used examples relates to content marketing. What is content marketing? Content marketing involves creating and sharing relevant andContinue reading “Tips for Leveraging Content Marketing for Success”

Giving Back the Greatest Gift of All; Northbrook Chiropractor Brings Hope to Kenyan Youth

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are looking for that perfect gift to give to the special children in our lives. We’ve trimmed the tree, we’ve got our houses decorated with tinsel and garland and holiday lights; we’ve hopefully dug ourselves out of the recent snow storm that left us Chicagoans withContinue reading “Giving Back the Greatest Gift of All; Northbrook Chiropractor Brings Hope to Kenyan Youth”

Purchase a sports ball, give the gift of hope.

Good news on a Chicago area youth charity bringing the gift of sports to impoverished children during the holidays: Are you looking for a cool holiday gift? Check out how you can purchase a Gear for Goals’ logo’d sports ball and help a child in need below! Aiming to bring sport, hope and opportunity to childrenContinue reading “Purchase a sports ball, give the gift of hope.”

Chicago-based Non-Profit Theater seeks online crowdfunding to bring new production of Jesus’ words to life.

What was it like to be a first-century follower of Jesus Christ and to hear his words first-hand? This question has been asked for centuries and Provision Theater is on a mission to bring Jesus’ words to life with its production of ‘Red Letter Jesus’ starting in September. Provision Theater Company is looking to raise fundsContinue reading “Chicago-based Non-Profit Theater seeks online crowdfunding to bring new production of Jesus’ words to life.”

Charity fundraiser brings sports and hope to kids in need

On Friday, June 21st, 2013, Gear for Goals (G4G) partnered with the Schaumburg Boomers Baseball Team to present a large scale sports and musical instrument donation drive. On this day, G4G asked fans to bring along new and used sports equipment and musical instruments to donate to children in need. Fans came out in fullContinue reading “Charity fundraiser brings sports and hope to kids in need”

Find Your Purpose, Follow Your Bliss

By April Neill, CEO/Founder April Neill Public Relations “Every man has a purpose, something special that he can do better than anyone else. Your work is to discover this, then give yourself to it. The extent to which you use your skills to add to the world determines your happiness.”—Deepak Chopra I had a conversationContinue reading “Find Your Purpose, Follow Your Bliss”