Relevance Key Ingredient to Great PR.

  As a PR professional, I can say unequivocally that great PR is all about intention. Knowing who to pitch; crafting a pitch that resonates; knowing when and how to pitch; all key ingredients to producing PR that gets results. Creating PR that’s relatable is key. Check out this article from Forbes Magazine on how toContinue reading “Relevance Key Ingredient to Great PR.”

Feel Good PR Tips for the Holiday Season

This holiday season, if you’re looking for new ways to boost your brand exposure, drive sales, and garner media attention while also fostering a sense of goodwill, try mixing up your marketing strategy with feel good PR initiatives. Below are some quick tips for boosting your PR during the holidays. Campaign for a Cause Increasing numbersContinue reading “Feel Good PR Tips for the Holiday Season”

Inside the Newsroom:  What Reporters Like About Newswires

Originally posted on BusinessWired – Business Wire Blog:
By Hannah Kelly, Editor, Business Wire Paris Commercial news distribution services (aka Newswires) have been in existence for over fifty years, their durability proving their utility. Business Wire’s latest mission was to investigate the ‘why’ behind the popularity of newswires, particularly as far as reporters are concerned,…