Inside the Newsroom:  What Reporters Like About Newswires

Originally posted on BusinessWired – Business Wire Blog:
By Hannah Kelly, Editor, Business Wire Paris Commercial news distribution services (aka Newswires) have been in existence for over fifty years, their durability proving their utility. Business Wire’s latest mission was to investigate the ‘why’ behind the popularity of newswires, particularly as far as reporters are concerned,…

Simple tips for improving your online newsroom.

With the growth of brand journalism and social media, there has never been a better time to build awareness and attract and build interest in your business and your work amongst journalists. A great way to do that is with the online newsroom that can act as a media hub for all your stories, videos, images,Continue reading “Simple tips for improving your online newsroom.”

15 Tips for Garnering Media Coverage for Your Business

Getting featured in the news is a great way to boost credibility, traffic, and sales and also a great way to build trust. Family Features recently shared their 15 top tips to help you create content that is desirable to editors: Plan ahead. Some of our best placements have 60 – 90 day deadlines. The earlyContinue reading “15 Tips for Garnering Media Coverage for Your Business”

7 Tips for Selecting a Publicist or PR Firm

By April Neill, CEO/Founder April Neill Public Relations   Publicity can be a powerful tool for small business owners looking to build their brand image and increase their customer base, however, if PR isn’t in your wheelhouse, finding a publicist or PR firm that’s right for you can be a daunting task. As niche expertsContinue reading “7 Tips for Selecting a Publicist or PR Firm”

Brand Story, Brand Power

By April Neill, CEO/Founder April Neill Public Relations Branding is about storytelling and a strong brand message has incredible power. Not just on how it is perceived in the world, but also how it positions a brand and connects it with consumers, key influencers, and stakeholders. Whether you are launching a new brand or re-brandingContinue reading “Brand Story, Brand Power”