In today’s market, the driven solopreneur can be a surprisingly powerful force. Creating a home-based business empowers you to define your own success, work the hours that make sense for you, and take your career in the directions that inspire you.

Small Business Owners: Here’s How to Maximize Your Website!

Guest Post by Marcus Lansky You pay for your website each month, so you should get the most out of it by looking toward technology to help run your business. Here are a few ways to maximize your website to help your small business be more productive. Money Management There is a huge difference betweenContinue reading “Small Business Owners: Here’s How to Maximize Your Website!”

Trade Show Marketing Tips and Cost-Savings Ideas for Exhibitors

Planning your trade show display can be stressful and overwhelming, but it’s also a way for you to express your creativity, resourcefullness, and thriftiness. Check out the following tips for marketing your trade show display.

Response to Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Oscar Performance Tells Us How Shallow We Can Be.

Like millions of others, I watched the Oscars last night and was riveted by the performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper where they performed “Shallow”  together, from their incredibly moving Oscar nominated movie, “A Star is Born”. A moment that practically broke the internet, leading to wild speculations and opinions on the appropriateness ofContinue reading “Response to Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Oscar Performance Tells Us How Shallow We Can Be.”

Simple Stress Management Advice for Busy Professionals

One thing that almost all hard-working people have in common is a struggle with job stress. The type of work that causes the most stress is often unpredictable or involves things out of your control. This is typically the case for business owners and professionals who struggle with balancing their career goals, financial pressures andContinue reading “Simple Stress Management Advice for Busy Professionals”

Content Marketing: Go Deep or Go Wide?

Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers explores the variable on content writing, whether to go wide and reach a larger audience or go deep and focus on a particular niche, in the article below. You have hundreds of variables to consider when writing content. Who is your audience? What is your end goal? What kind of lengthContinue reading “Content Marketing: Go Deep or Go Wide?”

Top Tips for Getting Your Emails Opened: Infographic

Email is a potent, enduring weapon for internal and external communications. In fact, did you know that email has been shown to be 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than social media? Need guidance? Check out this cheat sheet on how to get readers to open your emails. Click here for full articleContinue reading “Top Tips for Getting Your Emails Opened: Infographic”