Response to Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Oscar Performance Tells Us How Shallow We Can Be.

Like millions of others, I watched the Oscars last night and was riveted by the performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper where they performed “Shallow”  together, from their incredibly moving Oscar nominated movie, “A Star is Born”. A moment that practically broke the internet, leading to wild speculations and opinions on the appropriateness of their performance. (Far over-shadowing the fact that there wasn’t a host for the first time and for the most part, we seem to be mostly ok with that.)

I loved their performance. It was a magical experience. It was intense. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are both artists, sharing a moment in history where they are both literally vibrating at the very highest level (artistically speaking) and sharing a collective moment in celebration of their recent work.

Their performance was a work of art that needs to be celebrated, not speculated about. And I personally think it says a lot more about how “shallow” we are as a society that we feel the need to place meaning on it or to suggest that it was anything other than sheer perfection and mastery of their craft.

There are few moments in life when you’ll experience anything close to what these two artists must have felt in this moment. Success. Ultimate fulfillment. Mutual respect for each other’s work. Gratitude for how their work has been received. Combined with sheer joy in the opportunity to perform and celebrate their movie and song.

To combine two of my favorite movies from last year, as Rami Malek said in his acceptence speech for his best actor win for his performance as the legendary Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” let’s all aspire to have “good thoughts, good words, good deeds!”

There’s simply no reason to place meaning on their performance or to speculate on their relationship. Their performance was spell-binding. Magical. True artistry at its very highest level doesn’t need explained or defended. It was simply beautiful.

As a PR pro and copywriter, I spend a whole lot of time sharing other’s voices and messages, but today, this really struck a chord with me and when I saw a post from my favorite celebrity wellness guru and author of “The Right Fit Formula” Christine Lusita on Instagram (@ChristineLusita), I knew I needed to weigh it. In her Instagram story, she spoke of their buzz-worthy performance and the importance of women supporting each other and finding the good in others, encouraging us to use the hashtag #goodseeker to lift each other up.

And I couldn’t agree more. Thank you Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for your inspirational performance. Thank you Christine for reminding us to look for the good in each other and to not be so quick to judge and place meaning on things that aren’t important.

Your Words, Your Personal Brand

Final thoughts. It’s important to remember that when you criticize others or throw shade trolling on the internet, it often times says more about you than it does the person (or persons) you are bashing or gossiping about. It speaks to your personal brand and speaks to the very core of who you are as a person. I’ve read that the lyrics from “Shallow” are about finding your voice, something we should all strive to do. Do you want your voice to be one of negativity? Do you want to be known for being the type of person that casts shade on other women? Do you really want to be that “shallow” in bringing other women down?

I personally felt moved by their performance. And grateful to have shared their moment with them. And of course, with millions of other viewers glued to their screens.

I guess I’m just the kind of person who is seeking the good. As women, we need to remember that we’re all in this together. So in addition to #goodseeker, and the #metoo movement, let’s encourage each other with the hashtag #LeaningIntoWe as well.

Congrats, Lady Gaga, on your Oscar win for Best Original Song!!!!!!!!!!!!

April Neill, CEO/Principal Consultant
April Neill Public Relations

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