Top Tips for Getting Your Emails Opened: Infographic

Email Marketing

Email is a potent, enduring weapon for internal and external communications. In fact, did you know that email has been shown to be 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than social media? Need guidance? Check out this cheat sheet on how to get readers to open your emails.

Click here for full article from PR Daily.

Email Marketing Cheat SheetSource: PR Daily

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One response to “Top Tips for Getting Your Emails Opened: Infographic”

  1. Thanks for sharing this infographic! I’m about to graduate and enter the world of public relations, so emailing will be a central part of my life. PR is all about creating and maintaining relationships, which start from something as simple as an email. I like how the infographic includes mobilizing an email, since most people are know opening up emails on their smartphones it’s always important to keep that in mind before sending one out. I’ll reference this post as I continue on with my career and am conducting emails.

    Mallory Byrne

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